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Shooting period – 2012
Serial number of the collection – 02
The location of the shooting – Ukraine
The total number of photos included in this collection – 44

Limited edition of examples
#1–20; #23–44
30x30 cm – 9 pcs
60x60 cm – 7 pcs + 2 AP
80x80 cm – 5 pcs + 1 AP
100x100 cm – 1 pcs + 1 AP

#21; 22
30x40 cm – 9 pcs
60x80 cm – 7 pcs + 2 AP
80x107 cm – 5 pcs + 1 AP
100x133 cm – 1 pcs + 1 AP

Photo project FIRE EMBODIED is a photo story, taken in 2012 at the Center of culture and history of Ancient Rus during international festivals: "Bylyny (epic) of Ancient Kyiv of IX-XI century" and "Guests of Ancient Kyiv of the XV century".

Since the appearance of men on earth, fire has a mystical meaning. Living in Ancient Rus in the first millennium AD, the Baltic and Eastern Slavs (ancestors of Ukrainians and some Europeans) worshiped the God named Svarozich, personified in fire. For thousands years fire has symbolized good and evil at the same time.

Fire-show, which was the culmination of the international festivals, was a historical and mystical event for visitors. The photos display moments of transformation of man into the God, Lord of fire. Flire signs and figures on the photographs symbolize the victory of good over evil. Looking at the photos, the audience can participate in this victory, touch it and feel the power of positive energy which boosts from the depth of the centuries.

© VarrIng, 2013


Reference: Shooting period: August 24-26, 2012, International Festival of Culture and History "Bylyny (epic) of Ancient Kyiv of IX–XI century".
September 21-23, 2012, International Festival "Guests of Ancient Kyiv of the XV century".

Acted: artists of Kyiv fire theater troupe.

Location: "The Kievan Rus Park", the Centre of Culture and History of Ancient Rus, Ukraine, Kyiv region. In human history this is the only and unique playback and construction of one of the most famous and at the same time the most mysterious medieval town of East Europe – Ancient Kyiv of V–XIII centuries, the medieval capital of the largest empire – Kievan Rus, in the original size of its historical center, known as Detinets (Kremlin) or City of Vladimir.

Its architectural image is recreated in full scale, with the knowledge of modern science. The atmosphere of Kievan Rus is created as well. The project is recognized and supported by both national and international organizations: Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, Inter-parliamentary Assembly of the participating states of the Commonwealth of Independent States, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine, the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kyiv City State Administration, Kyiv Regional State Administration, research institutes, embassies of foreign states in Ukraine, public offices of Ukraine, CIS and Europe.