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Shooting period – 2012–2014
Serial number of the collection – 05
The location of the shooting – France
The total number of photos included in this collection – 14

Limited edition of examples
80x80 cm – 15 pcs
100x100 cm – 1 pcs + 1 AP

Paris draws us in with its romantic stories, world of art and fashion. This is Mecca for creative people. Splendid architecture in combination with lavishness of masterpieces in museums and diversity of galleries creates a dizzying, romantic and mysterious atmosphere for tourists from all over the world.

But Paris is impossible without France. After visiting Paris, one wants to see and discover the whole France. This idea finds its reflection in my works.

Photos of this collection have a clear color tone, which is a character in itself, competing with composition. The fragments of world-famous and unknown objects create an intriguing and mysterious design. Sometimes, it is difficult to unravel the origin of the objects on film. Unique angles and color combinations form original images and the author’s authentic style of filming and developing photos from this collection.

A romantic mood and focus on the beautiful form the inimitable French charm which is meant to be reflected in this collection.

© VarrIng, 2014