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Shooting period – 2011–....
Serial number of the collection – 06
The location of the start of the shooting – Venice, Italy

Limited edition of examples
#1 – Contemplation of "Black Square"
100x100 cm – 7 pcs + 1 AP
150x150 cm – 1 pcs + 1 AP

#2 – The Boomerang Law
80x80 cm – 15 pcs
100x100 cm – 1 pcs + 1 AP

The collection is at the stage of filling.

Kazimir Malevich signed the way of his artistic expression into pointlessness by suprematism. He thought that it was the highest level of Art, which aims at pointlessness, which is beyond the mind, and characterlessness is of great importance there. It means the rejection of appearance representation, neither people, nor objects. Because appearance seemed to Malevich as a rough shell, solid mask, guise, which covers spirit.

It caused his rejection to implement any visual forms in his absolutely supremacist works, so he expressed people’s figures generalized abstractly, they consisted of colorful spots or blots instead of faces, so they were featureless.

The expression of suprematism in Photo Art gives the viewer an opportunity to perceive new feelings, creates conditions of wider dialogue about the gist of Art.