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Shooting period –2012–2014
Serial number of the collection – 04
The location of the shooting – France, Ukraine
The total number of photos included in this collection – 4

Limited edition of examples
60x60 cm – 24 pcs
80x80 cm – 1 pcs + 1 AP

The present determines the future. Today can change tomorrow. The main thing is to act, to live in spite of everything. And impossible becomes possible.  We live in the world where people see the same things but express it in different ways. For example, as proverbs say "Constant dropping wears away a stone", or "Water breaks down a mountain". And there are tens of other versions to the same meaning. Even though the proverbs look different but the law of life works the same for all humanity. Act now, and every day will bring you closer to your goal. Let your dreams come true.

© VarrIng, 2014